Service & Ethics

As early as initial company modeling

…our Partners knew that most providers who fail, do so due to poor customer relations – not their technical capabilities.

Somewhat of a trade secret apparently, maintaining and exceeding expectations regarding availability, responsiveness, productivity, follow-through, and follow-up…gears clients to be very forgiving regarding any actual “technology products/services” they’re purchasing. This is very important, as we all know how unpredictable technology can be, and that problems can occur from time to time. A successful Solutions Provider cannot succeed on ‘technical capability’ alone, but must prioritize ‘customer satisfaction’ equally. Price and Quality draw Clients initially – but Customer Satisfaction keeps them.

Effective ‘expectation management’

…is key to any Customer Satisfaction Plan for technology solutions providers.

This simple concept is often at the center of many customer satisfaction issues, and is a great example of how the actual technology product has nothing to do with it. Many firms fall short of effective ‘expectation management’ due to either overzealous or uninformed sales people, technical staff who are ineffective at project estimation, or scheduling inadequacies with either. We understand that providing realistic expectations goes along with being “Professionals”.

The impact of receiving your solution four days late on day-9, instead of on day-5 as expected? We understand it’s not about the wait – we know it’s because business requires planning. Planning requires dates – doesn’t matter what dates…just correct dates. Planning is important, and you need your technology to part of it.

We also apply deliberate focus on setting expectations regarding “product/service specifications”. We understand the impact of receiving new computers with (surprise!) cases too large to go under desks, an email system that (surprise!) doesn’t include spam filtering, or an e-commerce website that (surprise!) takes a lot more “managing” than you expected. Our fort√© in I.T. Business Consulting has been central to ensuring you always know exactly what you’re getting from us, and saves the (surprise!)…for your birthday.

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