Innovative Staffing

The answer to “staffing cost”

…for many support companies is to outsource to offshore countries for cheap technical support.

We refuse to do this. Our support may be slightly more expensive – but our solutions are fast, dependable, and delivered professionally. …But how do we remain competitive with our rates – and also afford skilled technologists that will remain motivated to consisitently exceed client expectations?

We use the right tools for every job.

We staff a variety of professionals, specifically suited for their level and realm of support.

This allows us to keep our cost down by preventing the mis-use of personnel. This also keeps our rates competitive, as we bill clients specifically according to the level of support needed per task. This also makes us able to compensate each level of support proportionally to their rate structure, keeping our staff at every level motivated without ever taking a loss or having to cut any corners with ‘Quality of Service’.

We sell “Time & Knowledge”


All ‘hard cost’ products we purchase on behalf of clients are passed to them direclty at cost, with ownership and all documentation. We see this as our effort to reach for a higher degree of business ethic, simplify cost negotiation, provide transparency, and improve tracking and record keeping for both TTS and our clients. We are consultants, admins, and engineers – and have no need to be retailers.

Innovative billing methods

…are a great help in maintaing both quality of service and competitive rates.

TTS offers three primary realms of billable services: (1) Support & Maintenance, (2) Administration & Management, and (3) Engineering & Development. This allows us to bill specifically per task within any larger job, always ensuring that clients are being billed at the most efficient rate possible at all times.

For larger and/or more active clients that require services more frequently, we offer two types of service contracts – Monthly and Bulk – that reward client business with special rates gauged by volume.

For singular jobs (such as websites, single application rollouts, etc), we either (1) provide a Bulk contract at discount pricing that will fit the hourly requirement – or we (2) provide a unique estimate (bid by job) specifically for that job, again with discount pricing based on the volume needed.

Using the methods above, we are always able to remain efficient in our billing methods, and ensure that clients have the utmost availability of effective and affordable pricing per their needs.