Global Skillsets

Who are we?

Half of our formula for success are our Partners and Staff.

Beginning with the TTS Founding Partners, the decision to employ “only the best” has been a stalwart contributor to our growth and portfolio.

Our Staff

…of Technicians, Administrators, & Developers are high caliber.

Our requirements are strict. Our training is rigorous. Our expectations are lofty. Our positions are sought after. Being a part of our team has always been something reserved for those who have a right to be here, and prove it every day, on every job, and with each and every client.

The TTS Executive Staff

…alone represents over 50 years of combined experience in the I.T. Industry.

A large percentage of this experience garnered from major roles and projects with Fortune-50 and other global entities, the combination of their resources and capabilities has proven one of our rarest assets, and gives TTS a very unique and natural edge. Highly noteworthy are their combined fortés in Consulting, Management, and Design – enabling us entry into any territory, at any point and for whatever purpose – with complete confidence.

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Through experience and constantly maintained insights, TTS professionals provide impact and leverage of today's latest technology and practices - and regardless of the endeavor, will provide the solutions and services needed for sustained growth in a world of ever changing technology.

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