Corporate Methodologies

There is much more to ‘corporate methodology’

…than just having highly skilled technologists on staff.

Referred to (here) on a previous Profile page – skilled staff, we have. Although simply having ‘multi-level staff’ is somewhat common in our industry, the specific caliber of our particular staff is still quite rare. Many of our internal methods and approaches are closely modeled after corporate I.T. – and in many ways. Below are several of the more important examples.

We work from the perspective of “internal employees”

…for each and every client who retains us, and on each and every job.

Corporate I.T. employees must always adhere to the concept of “company first”. Every problem they fix, every solution they submit, every design they create, every minute they spend – all are performed from an “internal perspective” and “for the good of the company”. No staff employee “bleeds company blood” like Corporate I.T. With most of our training, experience, and Staff coming from corporate I.T., it’s simply a natural approach for us. We don’t make decisions as your Vendor – we make decisions as your Employees. We see every client as our employer, and act on their dedicated behalf in any scenario they involve us in.

We are engrained with an understanding of urgency

…, awareness of the impact of technical emergencies, and a willingness to engage these issues – whenever they occur.

Corporate I.T. employees are the regular ‘Firemen’ of the business world. Very few emergencies, at their worst, can rival a fire…except emergencies with your Technology. No one knows “availability” like a corporate I.T employee. Early in our training, we realize we are the ones who have to show up “when it happens”. With our corporate I.T. background, it’s no surprise to us when your server goes down at 2pm on a Wednesday – or 2am on a Saturday. We do apply ’emergency rates’ based on time-of-day and scheduling availabilities – but we see no choice in making ourselves available when clients need us most, whenever that may be.

We have no sales pitches

…, only observations and consultations reached through detailed assessments and justifiable evidence.

Corporate employees receive no benefit from the purchase of any ‘hard cost’ resource by any client. They have no reason to suggest a ‘client’ purchase anything – unless it is to accomplish a request, provide a worthwhile technical edge, or protect them from some viable danger/loss. Combining this concept with exceptional resources in I.T. Management & Consulting, we are highly effective in performing “cost-benefit analysis” in any scenario from an “internal employee” perspective, and ensuring the only products/services we suggest are confidently justifiable.

Saving money and being “cost-effective”

…is second nature to us, and is always a deciding factor in every solution.

Corporate I.T. employees have budgets…and supervisors that often say ‘No’ to replacing that shaky monitor – or even that ‘last leg’ UPS your primary webserver is sitting on in the NOC. No one knows “budgetary constraint” like a corporate I.T. employee. Thin tissue has nothing on some of what we’ve seen…but seen work, and work well. The edge these experiences has given us, is we don’t get “efficient” confused with “cheap”. We are specially equipped to meet and exceed expectations on product/service specifications, and never need reminding that the lower the cost, the better.

Emphasis on “remote service culture”

…allows us to remain at the peak of efficiency – for both ourselves and our clients.

Corporate I.T. engages the most innovative and effective remote support tools and practices available – many of which never see the light of day in the Small Business sector. Corporate I.T. employees are also specially trained to engage a much higher degree of care, safety, and ‘breadth of knowledge’ – since they cannot take the same risks as ‘onsite technicians’. Although we do offer on-site services anywhere in the country – “Remote Support”, with it’s obvious advantages in availability and response time – is always a key tool in keeping client cost down, and we apply it whenever possible, and with most any of our services from ‘Basic Support’ to ‘Management & Design’.

We focus on ‘effectiveness’ and ‘completion time’

…and provide the best solutions in as reasonably short of a period of time as possible.

Corporate I.T. employees aren’t concerned with how long they’re working, but instead how long their client is waiting. They also don’t cut corners…because those clients aren’t going anywhere. Their clients all know where I.T. employees work…and where their bosses sit. No one knows “Customer-Centric” better than a corporate I.T employee. We note and care for each client intensely and with accountability…because we fear anything short of their complete satisfaction.

We leave “equipment” to the retailers.

We are consultants, administrators, and engineers, and are only interested in performing the labors we specialize in.

Corporate I.T. employees never ‘sell’ their Clients a hard drive…so why should we? As consultants, we bill for reasonable time taken to assess a client’s need and match equipment to it, but submit all equipment and ‘hard cost’ resources (licensing, software, etc) directly to clients at cost. This gives us the edge of transparency, removes cost-negotiation from all scenarios, and simplifies records & tracking for both TTS and our clients.

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