Giving Back

At TTS we realize that a strong local community is good for everyone! A thriving and well educated local community is the basis for building businesses that keep all of our dreams competitive and interactive with the global community at large. Though we are still a small organization ourselves, we want to make sure that we are doing our part to give something back. In our attempts to stay active in our own communities, we are members of multiple chamber of commerce organizations in our area and try to participate in group philanthropy wherever possible. We tend to focus our efforts where we think we can do the most good, which we currently feel is in technical education outreach efforts.

Muscle Shoals Career Academy

TTS currently holds three positions on the Muscle Shoals Career Academy’s technical curriculum board and employees one of their interns. Our goal there is to help make sure tomorrow’s high school graduates are ready for their technology fields or are ready to further their education in the STEM areas of expertise. Read more about the MSCA below.

Good Samaritans

When we at TTS say “We get it” we really mean it! We are extremely grateful for our fellow entrepreneurs and community advocates so we would like to do more than just say “Thank you!”
That’s why we offer discounted rates to a variety of people that we feel fit the moniker of “Good Samaritans.” Just present the TTS “Good Samaritan” card that you were given or make us aware of your membership in any of the following services, groups or organizations:

Armed Services
Fire Department
Municipal Government
and any of the great civic organizations that serve their local communities
For example (but not limited to): Kiwanis club, Jacees

We thank you earnestly for all that you are and all that you do! We look forward to helping your business community function smoothly and efficiently.