Cloud Technology Services

Helping Your Business Get the Most from the Cloud

Businesses today talk a lot about the cloud but there is still plenty of fear concerning moving critical business functions out of traditional IT environments.

At TTS we have been helping customers overcome these concerns and, as a result, transform their business. By leveraging cloud-based productivity tools to reduce cost and improve productivity, TTS customers are positioned to grow efficiently into the future. We help remove the obstacles that traditional IT implementations create by moving customers to cloud solutions that are effective, efficient and affordable. You benefit from:

  • Greater collaboration
  • Data security
  • Resiliency - greater uptime capability
  • Available anywhere at any time
  • Backup and recovery options


Migrate, Manage, and Maintain

We partner with our customers to help them become the flexible and nimble business of the future. We do this in three different areas.


  • Consultative approach to our customers’ needs identify
  • Cloud-based offerings will be of the greatest benefit both financially and operationally
  • Develop plans to migrate to the right cloud technologies for your business
  • Leverage experience and expertise
  • Create confidence our customers need to move forward their company’s evolution
  • Customer’s business to never miss a step


  • Fully manage new systems
  • Removing the burden and stress of IT operations
  • Let customer focus on profitable business activity
  • TTS’s management of these mission critical components creates success for our customers


  • Ongoing maintenance of apps and systems
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance event
  • Emergency / crisis events plans and execution when needed
  • Ensure your business is always up for your customers


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