Welcome to the TTS Careers PAge


About Working with TTS

Beginning with the TTS Founding Partners, the decision to employ “only the best” has been a stalwart contributor to our growth and portfolio.

Our requirements are strict. Our training is rigorous. Our expectations are lofty. Our positions are sought after. Being a part of our team has always been something reserved for those who have a right to be here, and prove it every day, on every job, and with each and every client.

The TTS Executive Staff alone, represents over 50 years of combined experience in the I.T. Industry. A large percentage of this experience is garnered from major roles and projects with Fortune-50 and other global entities, and the combination of their resources and capabilities has proven one of our rarest assets, and gives TTS a very unique and natural edge. Highly noteworthy are the combined fortés in Consulting, Management, and Design – enabling us entry into any territory, at any point, and for whatever purpose – with complete confidence.

Benefits of Joining our Team

Join our team of hand-picked ex-Fortune-50 corporate professionals – who’ve formed TTS with the express purpose of forming a team that uses the best parts of our experience, while leaving behind all the disgruntling parts of corporate culture.

Example: Often, Ops Staff are caught between their technical and scheduling capabilities, and over-zealous Sales and Management commitments – made without consult with, or considering critical Ops Staff. Our TTS culture approaches this in the opposite direction – where our Sales and Management Staff only provide client commitments after they’ve been approved by our Ops Staff, ensuring that solid expectations can always be provided, met, and even exceeded by our Ops Staff – without abusing our Teams.

Per the above, and more – we seek to hire permanently, and intend for each new Team Member to be treated as part of the TTS family, to be kept satisfied in their work, relations, and benefits, and to be retained until they decide to retire to whatever beach they’ve had in mind to end their career path on!

  • Work from Home, anywhere in the Continental US
  • Results-based productivity measurement
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Company provided equipment (Developer PC’s, and any other necessary software/equipment needed to participate on, or complete given work).
  • 100% Paid Benefits for Full Time (non-contract) Employees
    • Platinum BCBS Health, plus Dental and Vision Insurance
    • One week’s paid vacation per year
    • Christmas bonus, up to one month’s salary (based on annual individual profitability, and other productivity factors).
    and Staffing company – we will often also post job listings without having active contracts available, simply to grow our database of qualified candidates to reach out to when jobs/contracts come up. Each job listing will state whether or not it represents a ‘live hire’ opportunity.

Specific Application for Live-Hire Opportunities

If you find a position denoted as ‘Live Hire Opportunity’ – this means that we have an active role, that we’re actively trying to fill – and any application could result in immediate hire.

Below, you’ll find a link to our Application Page, where you’ll find both our General Application – as well as our current Live-Hire Opportunities. Please take a few minutes to browse them, and apply to join our team today!