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Agile. Cloud. DevOps. AWS. Azure. Cyber Threats. Business Continuity. It's as if the world has suddenly started speaking another language. It has. Let us help you translate this new language into the things that you value.

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Your world. Your challenges.

Growing a business is one of life's great challenges. Everyday you encounter something that feels like a threat but could equally be an opportunity. You need a partner that to help you sort through those challenges so you can seize the opportunities and dodge the threats.

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Our solutions are the "How". If you're comfortable talking tech give this a read and go deeper. If you're more comfortable talking about your business challenges and the value we can help you create, let's connect.


Decrease your costs, reduce risk and improve stability by moving your business operations to secure, cloud-based solutions that deliver leading-edge business function.

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Backup and Recovery

Life is uncertain. You never know when the next disaster, either minor to major, is going to hit. Recovery services allow you to rebound quickly keeping the cash flowing.

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Our Partners

TheTechService partners with leading cloud providers in order to ensure our clients receive the most out of the best cloud solutions available.


Why TheTechService?

You have a lot of choice in the market. You want a partner that's going understand your business challenges and help you chart a path through the woods.

We've been there before. We know the way.

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Your learning curve for building a digital business can be steep. We help you climb the curve avoiding the traps.


Your learning curve for building a digital business can be steep. We help you climb the curve avoiding the traps.


The intersection of Experience & Expertise. Been there. Done that. That’s what we mean when we say “Know How.”


No journey is a straight line. Your business changes. Your competitors change. We adapt as your needs change.
As the owner of a IT Services company, having responsive, reliable business partners is critical to the long-term success of my business… and TheTechService fits this criteria to a T.
Colin Kennedy, Co-Founder, Neuron Global
We only use A-Team players that keep value and service at the core and TTS does just that. With TTS managing [our infrastructure], we can focus on the other parts of our business.

Bob Lindholm, Co-Founder, Escape Room Florence

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